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Morgan Chen is fantastic. He took me on several visits to numerous homes in multiple towns in pursuit of the right place, assessing my needs and, frankly, aiming to understand, with nuance, where I could see myself living. Every place he visits, Morgan seems intent on learning something new:  building code issues, security concerns, HVAC issues, quality of building materials, etc. He appreciates the interesting design features of houses. He’s a genuine aficionado, and it’s a pleasure to have him accompany you on visits. He’s also funny and articulate–not only about real estate, but also about popular culture, neighborhoods, family, and more. When it came time for me to bid on a place, I trusted Morgan’s judgment completely. His advice about ordering a tank sweep probably saved me several thousand dollars, or more, down the road. His advice on hiring a lawyer and a home inspector was spot on. His responsiveness from start to finish was first-rate. I recommend him highly and without reservation.