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As first-time home buyers, we started the home search without knowing exactly what we wanted. Morgan not only gave us specific advice on houses, he also had a long conversation with us at the end of each trip to help us better understand and narrow down the things that we are looking for in a home. He never pushed us to buy any house, rather, he always presented both viewpoints to every decision and let us decide on our own. We were nervous when embarking on the home buying process, but Morgan made each house trip fun and something to look forward to. Morgan predicts very well when a listing will sell, so we knew how fast a decision we needed to make. Once we started bidding on the house, his knowledge was also very valuable to help us get the bid but without overbidding. Most importantly, Morgan was incredibly patient as we often felt like rushing into making an offer, but Morgan was there to assure us that the right house would soon come up. It’s clear from speaking with Morgan that he truly cares about finding the right house for you. Obviously websites like Zillow help you find a lot out about the market, but Morgan always has key insights about the neighborhoods and construction of the homes that you won’t get from the listing. We owe him so much and we can’t wait to start our new life in our home!