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When planning to sell your house and working with a realtor there are certain characteristics that will make the process a successful one and some other characteristics that plainly put are just nice to have. The core ones, in my mind, are: 1. Knowledge 2. Trust 3. Passion 4. Resilience 5. Stubborn to the point of almost unreal Morgan Chen embodies all of them; His 16 years in the business allows him to grasp knowledge in an amazingly efficient way, and then use his passion for what he does to fuel the selling process. Then, when things get tough for any reason (which most likely will happen in any selling process) he pulls from his resilience and amazing business stubbornness to bring it home. Nothing, and I mean it, NOTHING deters Morgan from locking it down. He sees roadblocks as opportunities to identify new angles, new approaches that in fact will allow him to strengthen our selling position. They way he can pivot and adjust into a new, better angle is nothing short of amazing. Morgan, I have share this one on one but allow me to do so in this public forum: My mom and I will forever be grateful for your support and guidance. It was paramount to ultimately become successful with this sale. You are an example to follow in your industry, and I hope that many others replicate your method and human touch. You have 2 new friends here, and we thank you for allowing us to become that for you. Would say good luck in your new endeavors, but clearly you don’t need any luck, you have taken care of your success already. Best wishes, JCB and MEMM