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A beautiful Victorian home gets a brand spankin’ new kitchen.

I helped a buyer purchase a beautiful old Victorian home in New Brunswick. After a few years, the time had finally come for a full kitchen makeover! This was a true transformation. This remodel went the extra mile with a fireplace refurbishment, modernized kitchen flooring, new laundry room, and all the trimmings along the way. Too many times, you see too many shortcuts and most times, when you see the finished product…it shows.

Here is the story in his words with pictures.

The kitchen was probably 60 years old in a 125-year-old house. There had been plaster over the fireplace, which I smashed and yanked down with a hammer to reveal the brick, which struck me as a cool aesthetic feature. It did need some tuckpointing, which was done by a craftsman my contractor knew.  I toyed with putting the stove in there, but it wasn’t feasible, so I settled on built-ins instead.