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Basic complete plan.

The idea of a half bathroom overhaul is appealing to me because you reduce the concept of “project” to its minimum effective dose. A half bathroom is usually the smallest room in a house so it’s the simplest project to redo from top to bottom.

I helped this past client move to Flemington from Sayreville years ago. Here’s their half bathroom redo in 4 easy steps:

1) Replace the wall stuff. Remove wallpaper. Replace with tile backsplash on one wall, paint the remaining walls.
2) Replace the toilet.
3) Replace the vanity. By choosing a smaller “under the sink” footprint, you lose a small amount of storage but more space is created in the mind and streamlines the look.
4) Replace the old tile flooring with your modern choice. Engineered wood, linoleum, Pergo etc.

Nothing is as simple and satisfying as updating half bathroom powder room. By replacing 5 simple things, on a small, easily attainable scale you are rewarded with a fresh new look.